Protect Your Business and Customers from COVID-19

Thermal Body Temperature Measurement

Thermal Body
Temperature Measurement

Thermal imaging provides a faster, more sanitary way to identify people with a fever - one of the key symptoms of COVID-19. Our industry leading thermal camera returns highly accurate body temperature measurements, enabling safe, fast, non-contact access by monitoring large groups of people from up to ten feet away.

Social Distancing

Non-contact automatic temperature measurement

EFficient Monitoring

Accurate, fast, multi-person detection

Intelligent Video System

Records abnormal temperature information automatically

Facial Recognition

Captures person's identity automatically

Reduce Need for Hand-Held Thermometers

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Hand-held thermometers used to detect a rise in body temperature are unsanitary, time consuming, and increase necessary manpower. Hand-held thermometers can also be unreliable due to the skin temperature being colder than internal body temperature. Thermal imaging provides a safe and efficient solution, accurately detecting abnormal temperatures without personal contact.