ID Scanners for Dispensaries

ID Scanners
for Dispensaries

Dispensary ID scanners and software instantly alerts you if the ID is suspicious or your guest is under 21, using either standalone solutions or seamless POS integrations.

Our ID scanner solutions serve enterprise dispensary operations, single-location dispensaries, and all sizes in between, with innovative solutions that meet your evolving needs.

ID Scanner

Protect Your Investment

Whether you’re a medical or recreational dispensary, you’ve invested a lot in your license. We want to make sure you keep it. With our dispensary ID scanners, you’ll know in an instant whether your guest is underage, or if their document is authentic. Using our scanners and software, you can:

  • Ensure compliance with Local law
  • Prevent underage individuals from entering the premises
  • Stop previously banned patrons from ewntering the premises
  • Track daily maximums, where applicable

Enhance Your Customer's Experience

Keep your customers coming back by improving your guest check-in procedure and in-store experience. Our dispensary ID scanner solution can be tailored to enhance your dispensary’s guest touchpoints including:

  • Reduce wait times by automating check-in and form filling
  • Note preferences and purchase history for next visit
  • Aggregate demographic information for marketing
  • Identify VIPs for white glove service