Security Services

Surveillance Systems

Eskatech offers a broad range of cameras to suit basic through advanced applications.

Functionality to provide both wide-area coverage and great detail

Increase situational awareness, decrease cost

Color images in dark conditions

Coverage in extreme darkness, long range detection, & temperature measurement

Obtain a high-quality images of plates

Alarm Systems

Alarms are an important component in keeping your house and premises safe. Eskatech offers both wireless and wired alarm systems catered to user needs for every possible scenario.

Access Control

Eskatech's Physical Access Control System is designed for small- and medium-sized businesses to easily secure people, property, and assets. It's a complete solution that combines entrance management with native biometrics and video surveillance to provide the information your company requires to quickly resolve incidents and to improve safety in and around your facilities.

Video Intercom

Our video intercom system is designed for multi-tenant apartment and commercial buildings, single tenant educational facilities, estate residences and medical facilities. It allows tenants, property managers, and owners to manage keyless entry while visually communicating in real-time with property visitors. Flexible with existing cabling, our video intercom solution supports multiple communication paths and technologies, making it an ideal solution for new and existing installations.

Mobile Access

Access your security systems anytime, anywhere. With Eskatech's Mobile Access, your business and its security are just a swipe away.

Intelligent Video System Analytics

Our Intelligent Video Systems (IVS) adds sense and structure to video surveillance so operators are more efficient.

Real-time facial recognition and facial feature comparison

Specify area and parameters of objects to be detected

Highlight areas of greatest activity for analysis